UST Global d3code Campus Hackathon'19

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starts on:
Nov 30, 2019, 09:30 PM
ends on:
Dec 01, 2019, 09:30 PM


UST Global launches the 1st edition of d3code as part of D3 2019, its annual Developer Conference. d3code, a university hackathon will be open for students currently pursuing Bachelor’s or Master’s technology degree. The competition will provide an avenue for students to put to test their passion for innovation, problem-solving, design thinking, and programming skills while winning amazing prizes in the process. The competition will comprise of three online challenges for 20 teams to compete in the final 24-hour hackathon at UST’s campus in Trivandrum. With this opportunity comes incredible prizes; and finalists will win a conditional job offer at UST Global and get a chance to be a part of the company’s worldwide journey of transforming lives.

What is hacking? Hacking is coming up with an amazing idea and working persistently on it. It is failing, failing again, and failing better. It is trying new things and learning in the process. It is working together, collaborating and building things that are innovative and forward-thinking. Finally, it is to be a better programmer. With that spirit, UST Global is conducting a hackathon - UST Global d3code (‘decode') Campus Hackathon'19 and invites all developers and hackathon enthusiasts to participate in this year’s iconic challenge.

Timeline & Schedule:

The event will comprise of four rounds. Each shortlisted teams will participate in the first three online rounds before moving on to the next stage. After round three, a video interview for shortlisted teams will be conducted with the top 20 teams progressing to a 24-hour onsite hackathon at the UST Global Campus in Thiruvananthapuram.

  • Registrations and Team formation starts Aug 5th and ends on Aug 31st 2019.
  • Three Rounds of Programming challenges for teams between Sep 24th and 10th Oct'19.
  • Video interview for shortlisted teams between Oct 23rd and Nov 20th'19.
  • Final onsite hackathon on Dec 1st and Dec 2nd'19.

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Travel reimbursements & Stay: Accommodation for all finalists arriving from outside Trivandrum will be provided at a hotel near UST’s campus between November 30th and December 2nd, 2019 on a double occupancy basis. Note that all finalists are expected to be present at the venue during the 24-hour event. Travel reimbursement will also be available to all finalists from outside Trivandrum based on actual expense incurred subject to a maximum limit. Specifics will be communicated to finalists in a timely manner prior to the 24-hour hackathon.



We live in an era of digital disruption. The rise of emerging technologies allows for businesses to access large volumes of data while disseminating information on a global scale. With that, we ask you - how can you leverage digital transformation to build apps that improve our everyday experience?


Our day-to-day has become dependent on essential productivity tools that both save time and increase our efficiency. From emails, cloud file storage to offline and online messaging, the world of productivity apps has evolved with changing times. Still – some applications face quick fragmentation and incompatibility issues. How can we simplify these apps and provide a seamless experience for profes...

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Main Prizes
First Prize (4)

Each member of the winning team will take home a Hacker's backpack with a MacBook Pro, External Hard drive, Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop Kit, USB Flash Drive, High-Speed Charging External Power Bank with UST Global and d3 branding and Rs.25,000 each.

Second Prize (4)

Each member of the team placed second will receive a Microsoft Surface, Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop Kit, and Rs.10,000.

Third Prize (4)

Each member of the team placed third will be taking home a Samsung Note 9, Raspberry Pi 4 Desktop Kit, and Rs.5000 each.

Special Prizes
Hacker's Tshirt (20)

All members of the top teams who attend the final 24-hour hackathon at UST Global’s campus will receive a conditional job offer at UST Global, India, get invited to d3 2019 and receive a Hacker’s T-shirt.

starts on:
Dec 01, 2019 09:00 AM IST
closes on:
Dec 02, 2019 09:00 AM IST

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